Turbo Quad Soft Mesh/Oval Lift Finger Inserts

The Quad 4-N-1 insert is a versatile and innovative product that combines four popular insert styles into one. It incorporates the following styles:

  1. Power Oval: This insert style is designed to provide power and lift to your release. It features an oval shape with a smooth surface, offering a clean and controlled feel.

  2. Perfect Oval: The Perfect Oval insert is shaped like a milled oval, closely resembling the natural shape of your fingertip. It provides a comfortable and relaxed fit, promoting a natural and consistent release.

  3. Round Mesh: The Round Mesh insert features a round shape with a mesh texture. It offers enhanced grip and traction, allowing for a more secure and confident grip on the ball.

  4. Perfect Oval Mesh: Similar to the Perfect Oval, the Perfect Oval Mesh insert combines the milled oval shape with a mesh texture. This combination provides the benefits of both styles, offering a comfortable fit with added grip and control.

One notable feature of the Quad 4-N-1 insert is the patented Glue Groove design. This unique feature helps minimize excessive adhesive from seeping to the surface of the insert during installation. It ensures a cleaner and more precise application, reducing the need for cleanup and maintenance.

The Quad 4-N-1 insert provides bowlers with the flexibility to choose from multiple styles within a single product. Whether you prefer power, comfort, grip, or a combination of these features, the Quad 4-N-1 insert offers a convenient solution.

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