Turbo Quad Classic Pro Finger Inserts

The Classic-PRO insert is a specialized option designed for competitive bowlers who prefer a stiffer and firmer texture in their finger inserts. It offers the same shape and fit as the popular Quad Classic (Perfect Oval/Power Regular combo) but with an updated hardness of 55 durometer.

The Classic-PRO insert features two distinct sides:

  1. Perfect Oval (Side 1): This side is designed with a true, milled oval shape. The oval shape closely resembles the natural shape of your fingertip, providing a comfortable and relaxed fit. The flat center of the oval ensures a consistent and natural feel.

  2. Power Lift 1/4″ (Side 2): This side is equipped with a 1/4″ power lift that helps increase the loft and length of your release towards the target. The finger pad on this side has a flat edge and a smooth surface, offering a sharp and clean feel during your release.

The Classic-PRO insert is available in various sizes, ranging from 19/32 to 29/32 in diameter for the standard size, and 53/64 to 29/32 in diameter for the larger size. It comes in black and blue color options.

With its stiffer flex and firm texture, the Classic-PRO insert provides competitive bowlers with a different feel and performance compared to softer-textured inserts. The 55 Shore A durometer hardness offers enhanced control and responsiveness, catering to the specific needs of serious bowlers.

If you’re seeking a firmer insert option and want to experience the unique benefits of the Classic-PRO, give them a try and see the difference they can make in your game.



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