Switch Grip Outer Sleeve

Switch Grip Interchangeable Inserts provide bowlers with a revolutionary solution to achieve a consistent and customized fit across multiple bowling balls. This two-piece insert assembly allows you to easily remove and interchange thumb inserts from one ball to another, ensuring the same fit and feel with every shot.

Gone are the days of struggling with tape installation and removal. With Switch Grip, all you need to do is twist and click to make a ball change or adjust your thumb size. This feature is particularly beneficial if you experience thumb swelling or shrinking during your bowling sessions.

By using Switch Grip, you can bowl with confidence, knowing that you’ll have a consistent grip and feel regardless of the ball you choose to use. It eliminates the need for constant adjustments and provides a convenient solution for bowlers who want to maintain a consistent release and shot execution.

Switch Grip inserts allow you to repeat shots and maintain your technique across different bowling balls, ensuring a smoother transition between balls and enhancing your overall performance on the lanes. With this innovative system, you can focus on your game without worrying about variations in thumb fit and feel.


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