Randy Reed

Randy Reed
Store Associate
Trusted Since: 2011

I have always loved bowling, but have done it off and on due to having kids and working. Like many customers I see, I took time off when my kids were younger, playing sports and experiencing things I wanted to be present for. As they got older, moved out of the house, I found I had more free time to pick up bowling again. I got back into competitive bowling back in 2001 to bowl with my son and haven’t stopped bowing since. My wife Patty and I always bowl together. We haven’t not bowled together for quite a while now. I typically bowl about one league per week these days. I used to bowl 3-4 times a week, but haven’t done that in a number of years. I mainly enjoy bowing for the social element. I am competitive and it’s one of the few competitive sports that you can do while chatting quite a bit. My bowling eventually allowed me to meet Dave Leverage where I started working for him in 2011 and eventually was hired by Virtue Bowling Supply in 2016 to manage AMF Deer Valley.


High Series 778

High Game 300

Valley of the Sun Senior Team Champion

2013 Phoenix Classified Division Champion

2x SFT Titles,

Get To Know Randy Reed

  1. Favorite thing to do outside of bowling and why?
    I love to play with my grandkids! I just love seeing them happy and having fun. It also helps that I can just send them home to their parents afterwards.
  2. Favorite movie of all time and why?
    My favorite movie of all time is Commando because my favorite actor is Arnold Schwarzenegger. I did a lot of competitive lifting in my day and Arnold transistioned from that world into acting. 
  3. Sports fan? favorite teams? and why?
    Favorite team by far is the Nebraska Huskers. I am a huge college football fan! I love the huskers because that is my home town and they are a bunch of good ol'boy red necks like me and my friends and family back home.
  4. Your favorite thing about your job at Virtue and why?
    My favorite thing about working at Virtue is the ability to meet new people and learn all I can about bowling balls and the sport in general.
  5. If you had to describe your personality in one word, what would it be?