Josh Thompson

Josh Thompson
Trusted Since: 2015

I started bowling when I was 12 years old. I got into it because my dad always bowled and was a good bowler. I started off bowling in the Brunswick All Star junior league and the first year in it I took 2nd place in the tournament of champions and a couple years later I took 1st. The all star program started to dwindle away and my mom took it over with less than 15 bowlers left and has now built it to over 50 bowlers. I have really enjoyed seeing it grow first hand and getting to be a part of the growing group of junior bowlers. The league is now called the Mesa Strikers and we have become a fun, tight knit group. I have mainly been coached by my dad and grandpa and occasionally Josh Blanchard. I have always enjoyed participating in all of the city and state tournaments and in 2014, I qualified for the state tournament of champions and took 1st place in the junior division.


  • Accolades

◦        My high sanctioned game is 294

◦        High series is 796 however

◦        I have shot 300 and 824 unsanctioned

◦        I have had 2 sanctioned 11 in a row games

◦        I have won several scholarships including the rising star of tomorrow, the Mesa boy of the year and the state 2017-2018 boy of the year

◦        My average is 196 and climbing

Get To Know Josh Thompson

1.Favorite thing to do outside of bowling and why?
   My favorite thing to do outside of bowling is play the guitar. It is an outlet that I have grown to love and have grown to enjoy playing not just for a performance for others but, also just playing to hear the music.
2. Favorite movie of all time and why?
   My favorite movie is Van Helsing, I could watch that movie over and over again, it not only cracks me up every time but, it also keeps my interest the whole time.
3. Sports fan? favorite teams? and why?
   I enjoy watching football and my favorite teams are the AZ Cardinals just because I've lived in AZ my whole life and I enjoy watching the Kansas City Chiefs because Alex Smith is incredible to watch.4.Your favorite thing about your job at Virtue and why?
   My favorite thing about working at Virtue is being able to be centered in the thing that I love doing and would like to spend the majority of my time doing.
5.If you had to describe your personality in one word, what would it be?