Chris Stewart

Store Manager
Trusted Since: 2021
Location: Starlite Lanes

I started bowling when I was 5 years old and got started because my parents bowled multiple nights a week themselves.  My parents were my first coaches as they were coaches in the youth league that I bowled in.  I took a break from bowling when I was 12 years old to concentrate on baseball and did not return to the game until I was almost 21 years old.  I eventually landed a job as a manager of a 32 lane center in Albuquerque, NM and was there until another opportunity moved me to Flagstaff, Arizona in 2004.  I bowled my first 300 game in 2006 when I was 27 years old.  I have since had 6 additional 300 games and “broke” the 800 mark with games of 278, 287, 235 for an 800 on the nose in 2012.  I have won the Central Arizona Scratch Masters tournament and have placed 2nd once.  I have also been a Central Arizona Single champion, Doubles champion, and Team champion.  Through bowling I have met a lot of amazing people and a lot of great friends and one that I still call my best friend to this day.  Bowling has presented me with multiple opportunities which is part of the reason I became a Central Arizona USBC board in 2018 and I continue to look forward to giving back to the great game of bowling in the future.

Accolades: 7 – 300 games and 1 – 800 series.

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