casey rauschenberg

Trusted Since: 2022
Location: Tallahassee, FL

I am the youngest of four siblings, and we all bowled youth leagues while growing up.  I think it was used as a chance for the parents to get a much needed weekly break.  As my siblings all stopped bowling, kept going until I graduated high school.  Starting a career in restaurant management was not conductive to bowling, so I got out of the game for several years.  That was until one day at Golden Corral I was talking to one of our servers and heard him bragging about going to Vegas and all the money he won bowling.  This started a friendly ‘smack talk’ until later that year when he convinced me to get back into a league.  Just like that I was back hooked on the game I loved.  From there it was league once a week, then twice a week. I started getting back into tournaments after that too, often driving to events once or twice a month.  I always tell people that as my parents were getting divorced while I was in elementary school, and being 5 years younger than all of my siblings, bowling is what kept me out of trouble.  I grew up in a much different situation than my siblings, and as they were all leaving the house, I spent my time being dedicated to school, working, being in a rock band, and bowling to keep focused. 

Now, several years later, I could not see myself giving up bowling for more than a few weeks between fall and summer league.  I have started to dabble in running events, running strike pot raffles, building a website around sharing tournaments, and now am excited to be a part of team Virtue!  As recently as September 2022 I was asked about joining the USBC Board for Tallahassee, and advised I would love to take part. Additionally, I travel for a big event or two in Vegas every year, have bowled in a few PBA regional events (not so well though), and have joined on staff with California Bowling, Bowlifi, and with Creating the Difference. 


High Series 797

High Game 300

2019 Central Arizona USBC Queens Champion

2022 season and end of year No Tap Champion

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