Ben Canfield

Ben Canfield
Ben Canfield
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I had a late start in the bowling world, but have been hooked ever since. My first full year of competition came during my junior year of high school. I fell in love with the sport instantly. My bowling journey took off when I chose to bowl collegiately for ASU. I am now competing in PBA Regional events and coaching at Grand Canyon University.

- Collegiate Club Second Team All-American

- 4x NCBCA Academic All-American

- 23x JBT Champion

- 5x JBT 300 Game; 1 JBT 800 Series

- 2013-2014 AZ JBT Bowler of The Year

- 4th Place All-Events at the 2014 USBC Open Championships (2209 Total Pinfall)

- 2nd Place PBA Member/Non-member with Russ Oviatt

- 3rd Place in the Inaugural PBA Team Challenge

Ben Canfield
Ben Canfield
Ben Canfield
Ben Canfield

Get To Know Ben Canfield

  1. Favorite thing to do outside of bowling and why?
    Favorite thing to do outside of bowling is play disc golf. I started playing disc golf mysenior year of high school and love the challenge and excitement it brings.
  2. Favorite movie of all time and why?
    Right now it's Snowpiercer or Avatar. I never get tired of watching either of them.
  3. Favorite bowling ball of all time and why?
    The original AMF Black Angle. I was given the ball my freshman year of college. I love it for short or low-volume medium patterns. I have 3 300s with it and I don't think it will ever leave my bag.
  4. Sports fan? favorite teams? and why?
    I am a huge nut. My mom is from Lansing, Michigan so I grew up a huge Michigan State Spartans fan. I follow the world of sports very closely and consider it one of my passions. Fantasy sports are awesome and I'm normally in a handful of football and basketball leagues each year.
  5. Your favorite thing about your job at Virtue and why?
    I love being in a bowling center and talking about bowling. Interacting with customers is definitely the best part. Everyone approaches the game a bit differently, so I find pleasure in hearing many different stories.
  6. If you had to describe your personality in one word, what would it be?