Vise Logo NT-50Y Protection Tape Roll

The VISE NT-50 Series Protection Tape is a highly recommended choice for bowlers looking to protect their fingers and achieve a clean and consistent release. This tape has gained popularity among professional bowlers like Wes Malott for its exceptional performance.

By applying the VISE NT-50 Series Protection Tape to your fingers, you can prevent potential injuries and tearing during intense tournament play. The tape acts as a barrier between your fingers and the bowling ball, reducing friction and minimizing the risk of discomfort or damage.

Additionally, this tape promotes a clean and consistent release, allowing for better control and accuracy in your shots. It ensures a smooth interaction between your fingers and the ball, enhancing your overall performance on the lanes.

Join the ranks of successful bowlers like Wes Malott and experience the benefits of the VISE NT-50 Series Protection Tape. Protect your fingers and improve your game with this trusted accessory.


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Out of stock

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