Turbo Quad 2 Soft 4-N-1 Finger Inserts

The Quad 4-N-1 insert is a versatile and innovative product that combines four different styles of inserts into a single design. It offers the following four styles:

  1. Power Oval: This style features an oval-shaped opening that provides a comfortable and secure fit for your fingers. It promotes a consistent and controlled grip on the bowling ball.

  2. Perfect Oval: Similar to the Power Oval, this style also has an oval-shaped opening. It offers a comfortable and precise fit for your fingers, enhancing your grip and overall ball control.

  3. Round Mesh: The Round Mesh style features a mesh-like pattern on the surface, offering additional texture and grip. It helps prevent slippage and provides added security during your release.

  4. Perfect Oval Mesh: Combining the features of the Perfect Oval and the Round Mesh, this style offers an oval-shaped opening with a mesh texture. It provides the benefits of a secure grip along with improved breathability and airflow.

In addition to the versatile design, the Quad 4-N-1 insert includes a patented Glue Groove. This unique feature helps minimize excessive adhesive from seeping onto the surface, ensuring a clean and precise installation.

By offering multiple styles in one product, the Quad 4-N-1 insert allows bowlers to customize their grip based on their preferences and playing conditions. It provides flexibility and convenience, making it a popular choice among bowlers seeking versatility in their equipment.


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