Turbo Gamer Grip

Turbo Gamer Grip Features:

This product works wonders for bowlers who have an issue with hada patch tape, rocktape or kineseology tape sticking problems. Simply apply this product to the desired area and rub it in until dry. Then apply the tape over top. The tape will stick MUCH better and you will not experience the issue of the tape peeling back and rolling up. Think of all the dollar and aggravation that can be saved!

  • Improve your grip on the game
  • Dry Hand Formula
  • Non-stick
  • No residue
  • The ultimate solution to keep your hands dry and improve your grip. Feel confident as this non-sticky solution ensures slip doesn’t become your enemy. Used and endorsed by professional athletes and esports pros (video game pros).
  • An essential addition for all top-tier performers.


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