Team Brunswick Women’s Bowling Shoe White

The women’s Team Brunswick is a classy, white/silver trim shoe comprised of super soft, 100% full grain uppers. This shoe features embossed branding with reflective silver coloring making it an attractive option for any bowler looking for the highest performing footwear.

In addition to looking great, the Team Brunswick shoes will offer extreme comfort as a result of the super soft leather and upgraded insole, and the shoes will come with everything necessary to help bowlers perform their best including four heels, five soles, one shoe shield, and a premium nylon zippered bag to hold the soles and heels. Team Brunswick women’s shoes will be offered in RIGHT HAND ONLY. The slide sole and heel are interchangeable while the push away foot has a fixed multi-zone rubber sole.


• Soft full grain leather • Stitch-down construction • Leather toe protector • Premium comfort insole • Multi-zone push away rubber

In The Box:  • 5 Slide soles (#2, #4, #6, #8, #10) • 4 Heels (#2, #4, #5, #7) • 1 Shoe protector • 1 Zippered nylon bag


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