Sky Raptor Pearl

  • The legendary Raptor line has returned for worldwide release! Featuring a power-boosted Affliction V2 core and stronger Dynamic Infusion cover technology, the pearl Sky Raptor is built to attack down-lane when heavy oil patterns transition and more friction comes into play.
  • The new Affliction V2 core features a density upgrade, which gives the Sky Raptor higher rev potential and more track flare. Both performance aspects increase overall hook potential and provide an RG and differential that are tuned in for higher volumes of oil.
  • Extensive testing went into the development of the new Dynamic Infusion Pearl Reactive cover stock for the Sky Raptor. It digs in the oil creates the angle needed on the backend as heavy oil patterns begin to break down and transition. Utilizing a 5000 Grit LSS (Laser Scanned / Sanded) finish, the Sky Raptor has just the right amount of traction. We left polish out of the finishing process to fine tune the ball motion to match the performance target.


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