Hammer Shoe Brush

The bowling brush features heavy-duty steel bristles that are designed to effectively clean and revive the surface of your bowling ball. The sturdy bristles can remove debris, oil, and dirt, helping to restore the ball’s original performance.

With its molded handle, the brush provides a secure grip, allowing you to exert the right amount of pressure and control while cleaning. The handle’s ergonomic design ensures comfortable use, reducing hand fatigue during extended cleaning sessions.

Measuring 10.5 inches in length, the brush offers ample coverage and reach, making it easy to clean the entire surface of your bowling ball efficiently.

Please note that the package includes only one brush. It is a single unit designed for individual use.

By utilizing the heavy-duty steel bristles and ergonomic handle, the bowling brush provides a reliable tool for maintaining the condition of your bowling ball and optimizing its performance on the lanes.


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Out of stock

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