Results Solid

The Radical Results Solid uses the same asymmetrical core as the original Results and features the brand new TS-1 coverstock. We got a small glimpse of this coverstock family with the TP-1 cover on the original Results, and the solid formulation used on this ball feels tackier than previous dull bowling balls like the Zing or The Closer. The Results Solid comes out of the box at a 500/3000 SiaAir finish and has no trouble creating hook.

The Results Solid features the same successful core used in the original Results, but they have wrapped it with the very strong and aggressive TS1 cover. This combination yields massive overall hook and continuation, a common feature in all Radical Top-Shelf balls. As you know, the Results core was designed to add the performance bowlers need, but without the use of a balance hole. The Results Solid’s performance is achieved from the modification of the total Differential and the Intermediate Differential, so no balance holes are required to accomplish the desired ball motions. It’s a motion all the Radical fans have grown to love and expect from Radical. The Results Solid also uses the popular hard-hitting DynamiCore. The #RadicalRevolution continues with the Results Solid.


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