Pure N Clean Orange Gray

  • Bowling Ball Cleaning PadMake a Pure ‘N Clean™ shot every time with our plush and absorbent cleaning pad. Each pad features an absorbent natural leather “dry” wiping surface mated to a plush microfiber cleaning pad designed to hold moisture in. So you’ll be spraying less, and cleaning more! Between these layers is a dense foam barrier that prevents moisture from seeping through while giving you a firm, yet cushioned base for even surface pressure when cleaning.
    • Two Cleaning Pads in One… Plush Microfiber and Natural Leather!
    • Use wet or dry
    • Can be used with any Spray Bowling Ball Cleaner
    • Embossed with Genesis® logo
    • Heavy duty stitching
    • Non-Abrasive – Won’t harm or alter the surface
    • Works on all ball types
    • Hand washable

    Features and Benefits

    • Cleans More while Using Less – The plush microfiber side holds moisture, so you’ll use less cleaner to finish the job. Just spray directly onto the pad, then wipe clean.
    • Master of the Multi-Task – Use the microfiber side “dry” to wipe sweaty hands or dirty shoe soles. Then flip it… and use the leather side to wipe the ball!
    • The Pad that does More! – Use the leather side two ways… to dry your ball after cleaning, or to absorb dirt and oil from the balls surface while bowling.
    • Optimized to Clean Efficiently – The overall shape and firmness of the padding has been optimized for a comfortable grip and even surface pressure when cleaning.

    How to Clean and Care for your Pure ‘N Clean™ If you begin to notice your Pure ‘N Clean™ pad is not as effective as it once was, then it’s time for a cleaning. Luckily, this is an easy task.

    Simply wash using some mild soap in warm to hot water*, then gently agitate the leather surface with a stiff brush. For the microfiber surface, use your hand or a soft bristle brush to work up a lather.

    Once done, rinse your pad thoroughly under warm water, pat dry as best as you can, then lay flat to dry.

    After drying, you can use a bristle brush on the leather side to bring the nap back to an “as new” state, if needed.

    * Tip: Using water as hot as you can comfortably and safely handle helps to extract the most amount of oil.


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