Obsession Tour

The Obsession Tour uses a modified version of the Obsession core that gives it a lower differential than the original Obsession. While the last “Tour” release from Hammer was the very popular symmetrical Web Tour Edition, the Obsession Tour uses an asymmetrical design wrapped in an updated coverstock. The TourV2 Solid cover is stronger than the original TourV1 Solid cover, and it comes out of the box sanded at 500/1000 SiaAir, enhancing its ability to handle oil while smoothing out the breakpoint. This makes the Obsession Tour useful across all oil patterns, with its best performance coming on heavy oil.

Two ball launches can be pretty predictable; usually, it’s a solid and a pearl with the same core and cover; it’s a formula that has worked forever. Hammer wanted to be different this time, so we thought outside the box and threw standard convention to the wind. Hammer is excited to introduce the Hammer Obsession and the Obsession Tour.

The Obsession Tour will create a unique reaction that will allow many players to stand closer to the dry and be great for higher rev players. It uses an updated version of the Tour cover found on the Web Tour balls. Featuring DOT technology, which allows you to drill anywhere which makes this ball even tougher.

This is a two-ball launch, both having a solid cover; the difference is the core. The Obsession and Obsession Tour have the same core shape; however, the flip block has been eliminated from the Tour edition, lowering the differential .016 points, creating less flare, less hook, and a more controllable reaction compared to the regular Obsession. While the covers are both solid, they are different; the Obsession has a new strong formula called Envy Solid CFI, where Hammer has gone back to infusing the shell with carbon fiber. The Obsession Tour uses an updated version of the Tour cover found on the Web Tour balls.


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