Excel Copper 3 Performance Tape Purple (40ct)

    • Copper 3 (Purple) 40 count pack

      Genesis Excel Copper is the first and only performance tape to offer therapeutic benefits that may relieve hand fatigue and soreness while protecting your skin.

      Buy adding Copper Infuzion, we’ve given you more of the therapeutic elements found in our patented K-Motion kinesiology tape, without sacrificing any of the benefits you get from our original Excel Classic Line.

      Our thinnest performance tape also happens to be the quickest releasing tape in the Excel line. It features a quality synthetic material that has a fine knit weave for a smooth, almost silky, feel. Plus, the extra thin profile gives it the most stretch in either direction. If you like a quicker than normal release, you’ll have no hang ups here.


      • Fastest release
      • Features Copper Infuzion
      • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
      • Extra thin profile
      • Synthetic dual stretch material
      • Can be layered for an exact fit


Wear it on your thumb or fingers to adjust fit, control release speed, and protect skin from calluses, cuts and abrasions.


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