Evolution Elevate Foaming Ball Cleaner Yellow 8.5oz

  • 8.5 ounce bottle

    Foaming Bowling Ball Cleaner

    Evolution ElevateTM rises above ordinary cleaners with a two pronged attack on dirt, oil and surface grime. First, it’s unique foaming action penetrates deep in to pores to scrub more vigorously than standard liquid cleaners. Then it encapsulated this dirt in a rich foam lather, where its lifted away from the surface and into your towel. With regular use, you’ll keep a heavy build-up of dirt from occurring, so you, and your ball, can continue to perform at their highest levels.

    • Removes dirt, oil and scuff marks
    • Foaming action penetrates deep to scrub pores clean
    • Lifts and encapsulates contaminants away from the surface
    • Helps prolong the life of your ball
    • Safe for use on all ball types

    Because Winning is about Popping that Bubbly.Rise Above with a Higher Degree of Clean!

    Features and Benefits

    • Thick, Rich H20 Formula – Our latest proprietary blend contains additional additives that are designed to produce a rich lather.
    • Lift and Encapsulates – The foaming action penetrates deep to lift and encapsulate dirt and oil away from the surface.
    • Attacks the Dirt – The popping action of the bubbles attack dirt build-up more aggressively than standard liquid cleaners.
    • Low Odor – The dense foam produces less airborne vapors so you, and your teammates, can breathe easy.

    PBA Registered Product


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