Ebonite Shoe Slider Navy

The sliding shoe cover is designed to easily slip over the sole of your sliding shoe, providing several benefits to enhance your bowling performance.

One of the main advantages is the prevention of sticking, especially in high humidity conditions. The cover is made of suede material, which helps reduce friction and allows for a smoother slide on the approach. It effectively minimizes the chances of your sliding shoe getting stuck or experiencing resistance, enabling you to maintain a consistent and fluid motion.

The elastic retaining band ensures a secure fit, keeping the cover in place during your bowling session. With its one-size-fits-most design, the cover can accommodate various shoe sizes, providing convenience and versatility for bowlers of different foot sizes.

By using the sliding shoe cover, you can enjoy improved slide and reduced friction, allowing for better control and performance on the approach. It is a valuable accessory for bowlers looking to optimize their sliding experience and achieve their best results.


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Out of stock

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