3G Heel Flat Normal Slide

The Velcro-attached standard rubber breaking heel is an ideal option for bowlers who require a basic and standard heel for braking during their approach. It offers a straightforward design that is easy to remove and replace as needed.

The heel features a Velcro attachment on the bottom, allowing for quick and convenient installation and removal. This means you can easily customize your footwear based on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a breaking heel for added control or need to replace a worn-out heel, the Velcro attachment simplifies the process.

With its rubber construction, this standard breaking heel provides reliable traction and braking power on the approach. It helps bowlers maintain stability and control during their slide, preventing excessive movement or slipping.

Overall, the Velcro-attached standard rubber breaking heel offers a practical solution for bowlers who require a basic braking option. Its easy installation and removal make it a convenient choice for adapting to different lane conditions or replacing worn-out heels.


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