Team bowling & layouts!

Question 1 – From Marlon Brown from Maricopa – “Here's my scenario and question. You're bowling on a typical house shot. You have two balls that are the same, both drilled with the same metrics, except one is PIN above ring finger and one PIN below ring finger. How much of a difference would that make in ball reaction? Can the bowler roll both balls on the same line?”

Josh Blanchard – “This is a great question for the general league bowler who is wondering to drill a ball pin up or pin down. The bowler in this scenario will see a much smaller difference between the pin up and pin down balls on symmetrical bowling balls. On Asymmetrical bowling balls, you will see a greater difference in the mid lane motion and will not be able to stand in the same place for the most part due to the difference in the core strength changing from the layout choice. Your best bet before drilling two of the same ball is to talk to your pro shop owner and discuss your reasons and see if this is your best option.”

Craig Spencer – “This is a great question, and one that comes up in pro shops on a regular basis. The key part of your question is “all other things are equal”. Many times people focus to much on layout and don’t realize the cover stock can impact ball motion nearly 4x as much as layout, based on research done by USBC. The difference between balls will differ based on style and playing conditions. Typically, pin up is going to create a sharper ball motion, and pin down will be a smoother ball motion. That is the only certain rule you can apply to all scenarios.”

Question 2 – From Sean Kearney Gilbert – “With the success of the Elias cup and growth of college bowling, do you see team bowling becoming a bigger part of "professional" bowling-either as arm of the PBA or a full-fledged pro league?”


Josh Blanchard – “Team bowling has been around since the inception of league bowling. It has been the foundation that amateurs and avid bowlers know how to compete and fun week in and week out. As for the professional level of bowling, it has always been a singles sport and would be hard to form a full-fledged pro league and have it be the center of the PBA Brand. Other single player professional sports like Tennis, Golf, Swimming and Running all have team formats on their professional tours but it isn’t the base the sport stands on.
   I see the PBA League continuing and growing in years to come, but the singles portion of the PBA will always be the base at which the PBA is known for.”

Craig Spencer – “Josh has experienced collegiate bowling and the PBA team bowling, and I have experienced neither. He will have a much more informed perspective for this question. My general opinion is that sports that have singles competition instead of team (golf, tennis, UFC) really need the athletes to be entertaining and interesting. Bowling really struggles with getting their athletes to be entertaining and interesting. Based on this, I certainly think it would be beneficial for team bowling to grow and become a legitimate part of the sport at all levels to help with the entertainment appeal to the sport.”