How important is it to know your PAP & when to change releases?

How important is it to have your specs measured before you buy and drill up another bowling ball? Compared to just drilling a ball that fits the legal weights without knowledge of the bowler's PAP.

Josh Blanchard - Making sure that your specs,(PAP, Tilt, Rotation) is checked before you drill is a must. Without knowing these factors before drilling a ball, a person is guessing at where to drill the ball and how to lay it out. Knowing the bowlers specs, you can make sure the Pin to PAP distance is correct for them specifically and that they are in the right overstock. Each bowlers release is unique and that is what makes bowling special, but making sure that unique release is using equipment that maximizes their hook and carry percentage is very important.

Craig Spencer- Having a general idea of the specs is extremely necessary, so atleast make sure you have a knowledgable pro shop operator watch you bowl, so they can at least visually get an idea of your specs. I would say having a general idea of your style and PAP is absolutely necessary in picking out the correct ball and layout. If you are really trying to do it right, then knowing your exact numbers is the way to go, because the human eye can be tricked. I have done over 70 bowler ID's now and I can guess a bowler's specs pretty darn good, but I still am wrong from time to time. There are tons of tools online that allow you to put in your numbers and give you more exact recommendations which is a better option then searching around aimlessly online and watching reaction videos.

Do you think it’s helping or hurting the bowling industry that bowling ball company’s keep bring out new balls every few months?

Josh Blanchard -The bowling industry has changed dramatically over the past decade and we can all agree on that. Like another industry that is trying to make money and stay profitable, bowling ball companies have changed their release schedules and the amount to product to meet the consumers demands. The company is not helping the industry or the Pro Shops by releasing this many balls, but the consumer is driving the sales for them to keep on their current sales path. We are always looking for what is new and best. Having more and more releases keeps the brands image and logo in the lime light for a longer period of time. Either way, remember that they are a company that is trying to stay as profitable and keep sales volume as high as possible. 

Craig Spencer - I will start off saying that the amount of new releases that come out, is very difficult to stay on top of and is frustrating for customers and pro shops. However, I think it is good for the bowling industry, even though it does personally frustrate me. I believe it helps because each of us has a certain amount of disposable income that we are going to spend on something that isn't a "necessity". All businesses, everywhere, are trying to get their share of our disposable income. If a new release gets someone to buy a bowling ball over going to an amusement park, movies or buying something for another hobby, it likely means they will want to practice with it, throw it, maybe keep them in the sport a little longer. Now more then ever our attention is being pulled in a million directions, and the bowling balls are the best bait our industry has to keep putting on the hook.