Spare Shooting

Spare shooting & adjusments!

When a lane begins to break down, is it more advantageous to make adjustments with your starting position, angle, or release, or is it better to ball change? - Dalen Demary Mesa, AZ


Converting spares on a tough oil pattern can be a challenge, how can one prepare or practice for such an occasion? - Timothy Satomba Phoenix, AZ

Spare shooting and scoring pace!

Spare shooting and scoring pace!

Question #1: What are some tips to improve on spare shooting especially the 10 pin? I've always had trouble with my aim being too early and guttering the ball. Also in what spare situations is it better to use a strike ball vs a spare ball? – Scott Stanek Columbus, Ohio

Question #2: What's your opinion on how to regulate scoring pace in bowling today? - Eric Hatchett Las Vegas, Nevada