Josh and Craig Q & A

Team bowling & layouts!

Question 1 – From Marlon Brown from Maricopa – “Here's my scenario and question. You're bowling on a typical house shot. You have two balls that are the same, both drilled with the same metrics, except one is PIN above ring finger and one PIN below ring finger. How much of a difference would that make in ball reaction? Can the bowler roll both balls on the same line?”


Question 2 – From Sean Kearney Gilbert – “With the success of the Elias cup and growth of college bowling, do you see team bowling becoming a bigger part of "professional" bowling-either as arm of the PBA or a full-fledged pro league?”

Spare shooting & adjusments!

When a lane begins to break down, is it more advantageous to make adjustments with your starting position, angle, or release, or is it better to ball change? - Dalen Demary Mesa, AZ


Converting spares on a tough oil pattern can be a challenge, how can one prepare or practice for such an occasion? - Timothy Satomba Phoenix, AZ

How important is it to know your PAP & when to change releases?

How important is it to know your PAP & when to change releases?

Question #1: How important is it to have your specs measured before you buy and drill up another bowling ball? Compared to just drilling a ball that fits the legal weights without knowledge of the bowler's PAP.

Question #2: Do you think it’s helping or hurting the bowling industry that bowling ball company’s keep bring out new balls every few months