Drilling Down

PSO's Drilling Down - Other Layout Tools

The information age is here and impacting pro shops everywhere. Now more than ever, customers are researching online and asking about layouts. While many situations present problems that can be fixed in other ways, it can be difficult to slow down our customers’ obsession with layouts. So, for better or for worse, it’s best to know all we can about them.

Think of that obsession as a demand, and in terms of supply and demand, demand must find supply. Will that demand be with your store? How can we maximize the benefit of that demand for our business?

There is a lot of information online covering what certain layouts do and how to use them, so Iwe won’t spend time and space on that. Instead, let’s consider layout tools, how to use them and how this customer demand could benefit our businesses.

We’ll break this down into the four steps and cover the tools for each: 1. Determining the player’s style. 2. Determining the player’s ball performance goals. 3. Determining the layout to accomplish those goals. 4. Putting that layout on the bowling ball.