Derek Acuff

Derek Acuff going 300 crazy!

Derek is one of the up and coming great young talents in AZ. We are humbled to have him as a customer. He had a very impressive steak of bowling 300 THREE weeks in a row at league. He bowled all three with his new 900 Global Respect. His expectations weren’t high with this ball, but now he can’t put it down! Great bowling Derek!

Thank you for letting us be a part of your success Derek!

Derek Acuff Has Incredible Month!

Derek Acuff Has Incredible Month!

Derek Acuff or mini Ciminelli as we call him (he throws it a lot like PBA's Ryan Ciminelli). He is an upcoming young start with a ton of talent. He is a lefty with quite a bit of speed and power that is really starting to make a name for himself. He is from the west side of town, so we were excited to know he was willing to make the drive to come see us. We had drilled a a few balls in the last couple months for him including a Storm Marvel S, IQ Pearl, and Marvel Pearl.