Career First

Chris Blanchard bowls his first 300 game!

Chris doesn’t bowl in Arizona, but we were happy to hear about him bowling his FIRST EVER 300 game with a Black Eruption Pro we drilled him. He lives and bowls in California. Being the father of Josh Blanchard he wanted to show where his kid got all of his talent from! Great bowling Chris!

Thank you for letting us be a part of your success Chris!

Dave Sheil pops off nice 800 series!

Dave is a great local bowler that always quietly has great nights. He shoots 700 or higher all of the time. He is a veteran, so when we heard we got to be a part of his first ever 800, we were very excited! He bowled games of 289,247, and 279 for a whopping 815 series and did it at State Tournament as well! Great bowling Dave!

Thank you for letting us be a part of your success Dave!

Lea Mester gets her first ever 600 series!

Lea Mester has been a customer for quite some time now. Her and her husband Scott have become great friends of ours and we couldn’t be more happy for her! Using her Brunswick Melee Cross she bowled her very first 600 series last month! Lea has worked her way up to a 170 average over the last few months from 150. She has worked hard and it’s paying off!
Thank you for letting us be a part of your success Lea!

Nick Borland gets the 300 monkey off his back!

Nick has been bowling for 15 years and rolled his first ever 300 game at Brunswick XL Gilbert. The hard throwing right hander is an avid bowler who bowls in 3 leagues and is always looking to get better! He bowls with VBS’s Josh Blanchard and says he is tired of holding Josh up every week!

Thank you for letting us be apart of your accomplishment Nick!

Norm Trzaskowski bowls his first 300 game!

Norm has the kind of story that every pro shop operator is after. Being a part of a players first ever 300 game. Norm bowled his first ever in a tournament, and he bowled another in a different center and with completely different equipment. His two 300 games were a Track Paradox and a Hammer 3D off set. Pretty cool to have perfect scores with old and new tech!
Thank you for letting us be a part of your success Norm!

Nick Devlin On Fire With SFT Win!

Nick is originally from Washington, but came to Arizona to bowl and attend ASU. His game has developed a lot and he is starting to become one of the top junior bowlers in the state. He bowled really well in the TAT a few months back, has won some JBT titles and recently won his first SFT AHT title at Brunswick Mesa. He brought home the win with his Blue Hammer.

Charlie Price wins SFT major for $1,500.00!

Charlie is one of the nicest guys you will meet, but don’t mistake that as a weakness on the lanes. He is a heck of a bowler, that isn’t going to let anyone win. He recently won the SFT $1,500.00 Labor Day event. The lanes were hard and Charlie proved that its not always about power, but is always about consistency. He won his first SFT Major with a Verdict and Paradox.

Carl Ong Finally Gets The 300 Monkey Off His Back!

Carl came back to bowling after taking some time off. He is a really good player and is one of those league bowlers that everyone knows. Just an all around nice guy and social league bowler. He had been looking for his first ever 300 for quite awhile and we were happy to see him get it. He got injured the very next week, so it was great timing to shoot his first one. Speedy recovery!

Todd Canfield Bowls His First Ever 300!

Todd Canfield Bowls His First Ever 300!

Todd is a smooth stroking lefty that bowls in the competitive Metro 880 league. He was another first time customer. He wanted a ball for the league, and so after seeing his style we recommended a Brunswick Mastermind Genius. He then used that ball to bowl his FIRST EVER 300 game! Of course he waited to bowl it against the guy who drilled the ball! --Thanks for letting us be a part of your success Todd!