800 Club

Joe Hart Strikes Again

Joe has been striking longer than most of us have been alive. His passion and drive to compete and bowl at a high level never ceases to slow down. We were happy to see him pop off yet another set of honor scores with anice 300 game and an 801 series! Joe used the Storm Intense Fire! He figured if Barry Sr. can strike with it, anyone can!

Tom Galan With An Impressive 800 Series

Tom has been one of those players that has been a solid 200+ average league bowler fpr a very long time. Yes, Tom, that means we are calling you old. His game is solid, simple, and stands the test of time. He proved that with a very impressive 805 series with games of 269, 290, and 246! He was throwing a Phaze 2 drilled at our Union Hills location! Congrats Tom! Keep up the great bowling!

Lou Schwarz Strikes It Big With A Series Of Honor Scores

Lou is a big, srong, and powerful lefty. If he isn't striking a bunch, he is struggling with his ball over hooking because of his power. Being a lefty full roller, he is unique and very talented. We were excited to see him pop off a HUGE 866 series with his Radical Intel drilled by Bruce Irwin at our Union Hills location. Lou had games of 267, 299, and 300! Nice set Lou! That is a ton of striking!