300 Club

Kyle Abbas is doing honor score crazy!

Kyle has been on an INSANE hot streak! Kyle has always been a guy who puts up honor scores on a sonasonal basis. However, recetnly he has been putting them up on a weekly basis! He had two 300 games and an 800 series with the Brunswick Red Quantum and another 300 and 800 with the Track Mako and all within a 30 day period! Pretty insane! Thanks for letting us be a part of your success Kyle!

Lou Shwarz pops off huge 832 set!

Lou is a big strong lefty with a lot of power. He tends to be way too hard on himself, which is why we were happy to see him bowl his highest series ever of 832! He bowled games of 277, 300, 255 with his Brunswick Blue Ringer drilled by Dominic at AMF Union Hills. Lou has bowled honor scores before, but this was an impressive 800 series, and it won’t be his last!
Thank you for letting us be a part of your success Lou!

Leverage has back to back 300's!

Dave is a long time ball driller and extremely accomplished player. We are honored to have him as a customer. In text book Dave fashion he bowled back to back 300 games to conclude a nice series of 837 with 31 strikes in a row! He did it with the Brunswick Danger Zone drilled by Bruce Irwin. Although Dave is getting older, he throws it just as good as his days on tour! --Thank you for letting us be a part of your success Dave!

Kelly Pretlove representing the ladies with 300!

Kelly is a talented female bowler that can strike quite a bit! She outscores her husband Brandon on a regularly basis. She showed him how to strike with a very nice 300 game in the West Valley Scratch Trios league just a few months after giving birth to their second beautiful little boy Austin. It won’t be long before him and his big brother Zach, also strike more than Brandon! Congrats Kelly
Thanks for letting us be a part of your success Kelly!

Carl Ong Finally Gets The 300 Monkey Off His Back!

Carl came back to bowling after taking some time off. He is a really good player and is one of those league bowlers that everyone knows. Just an all around nice guy and social league bowler. He had been looking for his first ever 300 for quite awhile and we were happy to see him get it. He got injured the very next week, so it was great timing to shoot his first one. Speedy recovery!

Todd Canfield Bowls His First Ever 300!

Todd Canfield Bowls His First Ever 300!

Todd is a smooth stroking lefty that bowls in the competitive Metro 880 league. He was another first time customer. He wanted a ball for the league, and so after seeing his style we recommended a Brunswick Mastermind Genius. He then used that ball to bowl his FIRST EVER 300 game! Of course he waited to bowl it against the guy who drilled the ball! --Thanks for letting us be a part of your success Todd!

Brian Roever bowls triumphant 300 game!

Brian Roever bowls triumphant 300 game!

Brian Roever has been a customer and friend of ours for a very long time. Brian has recently battled some very serious health issues that has impacted his bowling. We were excited to see him return to great form bowling a 300 game with a Track Lx16 we drilled for him. Brian is a fierce competitor and we are privileged to be a part of his return to the 300 club! Thank you for letting us be a part of your success Brian!

Markan Shoots 300 In Honor Of A Friend!

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Ryan is a very talented young bowler that bowls mainly at Mesa East Bowl. He has really developed into a player that can strike quite a bit at any point in time. He had a very touching moment a few days after hearing about a dear friend passing away. Although he had many other thoughts on his mind besides bowling, he wanted to try and bowl 300 in memory of his dear friend.

Begay gets first 300!

Begay gets first 300!

Hokey Begay has been a customer of ours since the very beginning. He is a player that works really hard on his game and it has really shown in the last year. From bowling a lot of the SFT AHT events, he has taking a liking to the Track products. He was bowling on the sport pattern WTBA Paris, and bowled his first ever 300 game with a 912T! He not only bowled on it on a tough condition, but he did it during the quarter finals of the tournament!