300 Club


Clay has been a customer of ours for a long time. He is always working on his game and trying to stay on top of it. After some small changes after a bowler ID session he popped off a 300 game one week, and then followed it up the following week with games of 279, 279, and 245 for an impressive 803 series with his trusty Code Black. He will be going to nationals soon, and we wish him the best of luck! Nice Bowling Clay!


Rick is one of those guys that wears all of the hats in bowling. Not only is he a regular league bowler that is very competitive, he also runs leagues, is the secretary, and organizes them. Rick also organizes a scratch bowling tournament every week that always hets a good turn out. Because of that, we wewre really happy to hear him putting up his 20th 300 game! Nice bowling Rick! Congrats! 

James Miller Bowls 300

James may seem like the ordinary down and in league bowler at first. However, many people may not know that James was a top level professional at one time. He defeated Pete Weber to be the 1982 Showboat PBA Champion taking home the $27,000 first place prize! We were stoked to be apart of a 300 game James recently bowled! He's still got it! Congrats James!

James Winnie With A Nice 300 Game

James or Jim as we call him has been working on his game a bit off and on over the last several months. He is an extremely competitive player that is always feeling like he could do better. Well, he couldn't have done any better during one of his games during league in February. He busted out of his slump with a nice 300 game! Doing that is always huge, but doing it with the Borland Brothers makes it even that much more fun!

Eddie Elsarelli Has A Hot Streak

Eddie got unlucky with his old reliable IQ cracking while it was being plugged for a fit change. It was past warranty, and we offered him one our used balls for free to help with an unfortunate situation. We picked out the Snap Lock for him and he bowled a 300 game the very first night with it! He then added another 300 and a 299 game within a 4 week stretch! Great bowling Ed!

Andrew Puerner Gets His First 300

Andrew is brand new to bowling! He has been putting in time to try and get bettwe, and he is improving quickly. He has watched alot of Youtube videos to learn how to hook the ball with his thumb in the ball. He just recently bowled his first 300 game. This is a very impressive accomplishment to have only been bowling for a short time. Copngrats Andy!

Adam Davis Bowls 300

Adam is one of those super sneaky good bowlers that we talk about sometimes. He doesn't bowl alot of tournaments anymore, but he is always putting up high scores and is capable of playing the lanes in a variety of ways. We were happy to hear, but not surprised, when he bowled his 11th career 300 game with his Storm Phaze 2 drilled up by Greg Thompson at Brunswick Mesa! Great bowling Adam. Keep it up!

Bear Wiltfang With An Outstanding 300 and 800

Bear has been a good player for a very long time. He competed at a high level on the Junior Bowlers Tour, and since then has been a higher averaged player in one the more competitive leagues like Metro 880. We were happy to see him bowl his highest series ever with scores of 258, 289, and 300 for a 847 series. He used a Brunswick Danger Zone drilled by Greg Thompson at our Brunswick Mesa Location. 

Richard Kasting bowls 300 game at Union Hills!

Richard bowled a very impressive 300 game at AMF Union Hills, but even better that was after a nice 278 game! He was going into game 3 with a very impressive 578! What makes it an even better story is he did it with a non-resin bowling ball, or older technology! He was using the new Brunswick Fanatic BTU! Nice bowling Jr.! Keep up the striking! Thank you for letting us be a part of your success Rich!