300 Club

Mike Killgore Bowls 300

Mike is one of the nicest guys you will find! What we love most about him is his fun, youthful, outgoing nature! The entire Brunswick Mesa bowling community were excited to hear that he bowled his first 300 game in nearly 50 years! That is an incredible accomplishment! To stay in good enough shape and mentally sharp enough to accomplish such a feat twice over a 50 year time period! Congrats!

Dan Quilt Catches Fire

Dan made quite a run. First he bowled an impressive 792 series, that included a 300 game. Dan chose to get a Brunswick Kingpin Max drilled after having a Bowler ID session. If that wasn't enough, a few weeks later, he won a cool $1,000 at the Roto Grip Challenge by taking down nearly 100 other competitors. Dan was able to do this by throwing 3 clutch high pressure shots while the entire center watching. Congrats Dan! 

Lou Schwarz Strikes It Big With A Series Of Honor Scores

Lou is a big, srong, and powerful lefty. If he isn't striking a bunch, he is struggling with his ball over hooking because of his power. Being a lefty full roller, he is unique and very talented. We were excited to see him pop off a HUGE 866 series with his Radical Intel drilled by Bruce Irwin at our Union Hills location. Lou had games of 267, 299, and 300! Nice set Lou! That is a ton of striking!

Zack Huglin Bowls 300

Belive it or not, Zack was Virtue Bowling Supply's very first customer. He needed a ball drilled and we weren't opened yet, but we figured out a way to get him ready for the tournament he was about to bowl. It's crazy how far along he has come. We were happy to see him quickly fall in love with his Storm Intense Fire by popping off a nice 300 game and 796 series! Congrats Zack, and thanks for being the first ever #TeamVirtue member! 


Normally, we are just excited when Phil is able to beat his wife at Arica at bowling. This time, he went beyond that by popping off a nice 816 series with games of 258, 258, 300. He then bowled a nice 299 game at the Arizona State Open Championships. We are also super excited for him and Arica as they are expecting to add another beautiful little girl to the family! Congrats!