Rusty is an 800 machine!!


Rusty's story was a pretty impressive one. He should really have multiple achievement posts, but he had so many in such a short period of time that we just had to put them together in one post. Rusty has always been a great bowler so we were excited to be able to drill a ball for him. The first thing he wanted to try was our advertised oval thumb specialty. We dialed up his thumb measurements on our digital gauges and drilled his oval thumb right on the press. We also layed out a high road pearl off of his PAP to be a great benchmark ball but with some length. He went absolutely crazy with honor scores! In only one month, he bowled three 300 games an 813 and an 836! Many people don't even get the chance to achieve all of that in a life span and he did it all in one month! Pretty incredible!