Ben Laughlin RPI Winner!


It's not every day you get to drill a ball for a PBA bowler that appears on television and is written about in a variety of articles and blogs. Ben Laughlin has been known in the valley for a number of years as being one of the best if not the best bowler the state has to offer. He even made a run at the PBA tour full time during his prime. After a sequence of unfortunate physical ailments we were excited to see him make a run again at proving how great he really is. He beat an incredible field at the Southwest PBA Regional Player's Invitational to lock himself into a spot to bowl on television for the national RPI finals. He continued his beat down of big names by taking down guys like Chris Barnes and Tom Daugherty. We are very fortunate to have drilled the Ebonite Pivot that he used on the entire television show to take home the victory. Congrats Ben on an incredible story and bounce back from an already impressive career.